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To ABAzyne BioScience Inc.

One of Canada's leading research enterprise

& Development

Innovation makes us unique

ABOUT ABAzyne BioScience

ABAzyne is a Canadian agriculture biotech company that develops leading patented synthetic Abscisic Acid (ABA).analogs for plant growth regulation applications. The research portfolio is a product of 30 plus years of research conducted initially at the National Research Council of Canada and subsequently at the University of Saskatchewan, all in collaboration with industry, academia and producer-based partnerships. ABAzyne continues to support basic research and advance applications with an expanding network of collaborators and strategic partners, in close relationship with the University of Saskatchewan and the Global Institute of Food Security.

ABAzyne also produces research chemicals to support academic and industrial research activities related to plant hormone signaling in plant growth and development and responses to stress and the environment.

The analogs are based on the function of the important plant hormone Abscisic Acid (ABA). The diverse range of molecules in the portfolio have a variety of functions from extending the desirable benefits of ABA to blocking the adverse effects of this hormone. ABA is a plant signaling molecule that regulates diverse aspects of all plants’ growth and development, tolerance and adaptation to environmental, abiotic and biotic stresses such as drought, heat, cold or excess salinity and plant pathogen interactions.


The hormone ABA acts at very low (micromolar) levels in the plant controlling:
• Germination of seeds
• Transpiration
• Growth
• Dormancy
Ripening of fruit, with ethylene

ABAzyne Corporate Presentation


Analogs that outlast Natural ABA – Hyper ABA (+)-8’-acetylene ABA
Natural ABA plant treatments have limited efficacy and application due to enzymatic turnover and inactivation by sunlight.


Analogs that block ABA signalling – ABA-1019
Elevated levels of natural ABA in plants can be deleterious for growth, with poor seed germination under cold or heat stress.


ABAzyne is employing a patented efficient, cost effective and industrially scalable synthesis to produce the long-lasting ABA analogue, (+)-8’-acetylene ABA, which is resistant to plant enzymes that degrade the natural compound.