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Hyper ABA (+)-8’-acetylene ABA

ABAzyne is employing a patented efficient, cost effective and industrially scalable synthesis to produce the long-lasting ABA analogue, (+)-8’-acetylene ABA, which is resistant to plant enzymes that degrade the natural compound.


Potential applications where the long-lasting ABA analogues have significant market value include:

  • Reducing transpiration – Increase seedling survival during shipping, transplantation into fields and forests
  • Control growth – retardant for turf grass and horticultural applications
  • Promote Stress tolerance –  increase survival under drought conditions or during seedling establishment
  • Extending shelf life of bedding plants
  • Delaying germination/extend dormancy
  • Preventing pre-harvest sprouting
  • Enabling fall seeding by inhibiting germination in the fall
  • Controlling germination and subsequent flowering time  for hybrid seed production
  • Enhancing production of seed storage products such as proteins and lipids during seed development
  • Enhancing production of stress induced secondary metabolites in plants and algae
  • Producing artificial seed for micropropagation
Initial Market Targets- Hyper ABA

Wine Grapes – Cold Tolerance, Climate change mitigation
Using long-lasting ABA analogues to prevent damage from early spring frost. Wine grape growers experience significant losses from frosts early in the growth cycle,.
Researchers at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ont., found long-lasting ABA analogues sprayed on grape vines in the fall after harvest improved winter freeze tolerance 5 to 6oC and extended dormancy of buds in the spring by more than 2 weeks. Research trials are ongoing in in Ontario, Pennsylvania and Virginia.


Control of Flowering Time


A seed company has been conducting research for numerous years using long-lasting ABA analogues to delay germination in an early flowering parental line to synchronize flowering for hybrid seed production.


Global Floriculture and Ornamental Shelf Life Extension


Testing ABA analogues to improve drought tolerance, delay in wilting/petal drop, and to extend shelf life in storage and shipping.
Researchers have shown positive results to date.
ABA analogues have shown to double pansy shelf life

ABA 1019

ABA 1019 Germination Promotion with ABA Antagonist

Using an ABA antagonist, a molecule that prevents the plant’s natural ABA from slowing seed germination in colder than normal conditions, germination and seedling growth are enhanced. This active also facilitates a consistency in germination to improve productivity of crops grown in cold soils or environments.


A US patent (filed Nov 2019) discloses ABAzyne’s newest ABA antagonist 1019. It is derived from readily available natural ABA in a two step synthesis process.


Initial Biological Testing of Antagonist 1019


  •  Overcomes ABA inhibition of germination/growth in: Lentil, Soybean, Canary seed, Rice, Sorghum, Barley, Wheat, Canola
  • Breaks dormancy in wild Lentils, shortens generation time for breeders
  • Inhibits growth of the fungus Botrytis cinerea – potential antimicrobial
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