About us
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About us

Jerome Konecsni

Jerome is an award-winning innovator and experienced executive. He has been a member of teams that have received national awards in innovation and science. As a Director General at the National Research Council, he was a member of a team that was awarded the National Public Service Award of Excellence for contribution in science – the first 100% bio-jet fuel flight in the world. As Vice President at Biorignal Food & Science, he was the manager of the team that received the National Research Council’s Innovative Product Award. The team accomplished four world firsts in lipid biosynthesis. He has held a variety of executive positions in public research organizations, executive government, private sector companies and NGO’s. These include: President and CEO of Innovation Saskatchewan; Director General of NRC’s Plant Biotechnology Institute (PBI), President and CEO of Genome Prairie; Vice President Corporate Development of Bioriginal Food & Science Corporation; and Vice President Agricultural Biotechnology, Small Industry and Corporate Services at the Saskatchewan Research Council. His extensive network in the science and innovation is based on numerous international collaborations and service on the Boards of prominent science and technology organizations. He was award an Honorary Doctorate from Karunya University in India.

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